I have twelve years of teaching experience in comparative politics, contemporary political theory, and constitutional and federal politics and institutions.

I have designed and taught the following courses:

Contemporary Political Theory [Third Year], Universitat de Barcelona (UB). 2024-

Catalan Political System [Third Year], Universitat de Barcelona (UB). 2024-

Comparative Politics: Types and Origins of Political Regimes [First Year], Open University of Catalonia (UOC). Associate Lecturer. 2020-present.

Theories of Democracy and Justice [Third & Fourth Year], Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). Associate Lecturer. 2021-23.

Nationalism in Modern Europe [Third & Fourth Year], University of Aberdeen. Lecturer. 2014-2020.

 I have also been a Guest Lecturer at several institutions including the University of Edinburgh, University of Innsbruck, Villanova University (Philadelphia), University of Dundee, University of Barcelona, Eurac Reseach (Bolzano, Italy), and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.